Drake Plastics Ltd. Co., the global leader in ultra-performance polymer stock shape extrusion, is once again expanding its capabilities. To better serve machine shop and distribution customers, Drake has added precision waterjet cutting of blanks and 2D parts.

This new capability provides Drake customers with improved cost from increasing yields and can dramatically reduce fabrication times by eliminating time consuming and error prone blanking operations. Waterjet cutting uses a precision high-pressure water stream mixed with abrasive garnet on a CNC controlled cutting head to precisely cut 2D blanks. The capability includes precision pierced holes. Drake’s software automatically optimizes yield even in complex part geometries from a given blank size. That’s lean!


Drake’s machine has a cutting bed capacity of 62” Square (1.57 m), a narrow kerf (0.03”/.0762 mm), high linear positional accuracy (.003”/.0762 mm) and CNC repeatability. At 50,000 PSI/ (345 MPa), Drake’s waterjet has the ability to cut shapes up to 4.0”/ 100 mm thick (thicker is possible) with no imparted stress or heat distortion. This will allow Drake fabrication customers greater tolerance control for precision part production.


With an accuracy of 0.003” (.0762 mm), repeatability of 0.001” (.0254 mm) and surface finishes to 90 RA, Drake Plastics can offer customers finished or semi-finished parts to print right off the waterjet.

Drake Waterjet cut over 400 test specimens during capability development for calendared 30% Glass Reinforced KT-820 GF30 PEEK sheet in support of a Department of Energy project.


Lead times range from a day to a couple weeks depending on stock availability, quantity, and complexity.


Drake offers custom-cut 2D components for less than saw cutting and with improved yields

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About Drake Plastics
Drake Plastics pioneered the production of stock shapes from glass reinforced Torlon® 5030 in support of the Javelin Missile Program. Drake offers a continually expanding portfolio of machinable shapes, injection molded parts and precision machined components from ultra-high-performance resins including Torlon® PAI, PEEK, PEK, Ryton PPS, Ultem PEI, and many others. Drake is an ISO 9001-2015 registered, lean manufacturer who delivers to customers around the world, on time with exceptional service and support.


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