Drake offers injection molding of all Victrex PEEK, Solvay PEEK and RTP PEEK grades.

Our in-house molding operation uses all electric machines with appropriately sized barrels minimizing time at temperature during molding to maximize the properties and consistency of every part we mold. Our range of machine sizes between 35 and 300 tons means we can mold parts ranging in size from .03 oz. to 20 oz.

We design our process to meet your needs. Our Toyo injection-compression molding machines combined with our experience processing PEEK enables us to do what others cannot: precision tolerances, zero draft, fiber orientation, insert molding and heavy cross sections. All machines are RJG equipped allowing us to monitor in-cavity conditions and develop the most reliable molding process for a given part. We apply scientific molding principles when molding PEEK parts.

We are recognized as a leading molder of high temperature PEEK and PEK based polymers.

The Drake Difference

  • All runs start with a clean barrel and end with a complete teardown
  • Dedicated membrane dryers and moisture recorded before every run is started
  • All tools are oil heated for uniformity
  • PEEK Near Net Shapes offer a balance between the cost effective conversion of injection molding and the precision of CNC machining.

Near Net Shapes – What are their benefits?
Near net shapes are great for geometries that result in a poor machining yield from a stock shape or those requiring complex tools that are not cost justified by the volume of parts.

Having trouble molding or sourcing a molded PEEK part?

Let us apply our process know-how to arrive at the most cost effective process to manufacture your PEEK parts. We will work with your existing tooling or develop new tooling.