With 30% glass fiber reinforcement, Industrial Grade GF30 PEEK has significantly higher mechanical strength than unfilled PEEK. It also has PEEK’s chemical resistance and withstands repeated thermal and fatigue cycling. The GF30 grade is often selected for applications requiring electrical insulation and for oil and gas equipment because of its combination of chemical resistance and strength. It also maintains its rigidity very well in steam and high temperature environments. Certifications supplied: resin composition and density range only.

Industrial Grade GF30 PEEK Applications:

  • Back up rings for steam service seals
  • Structural parts in corrosive environments
  • Coil Bobbins
  • High pressure valve plates

Specifications –

Plate Sizes –
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.25”THx4”W to 1.0”THx12”W

Rod Diameters –
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.25” to 10”

Many Custom Sizes Available

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