Torlon® polyamide-imide is recognized as the highest performance thermoplastic that is still melt processible. Torlon can be extruded into shapes and injection molded into custom geometries.

With a 500°F heat distortion temperature (softening temperature) and a 500°F continuous service temperature, Torlon offers unmatched strength at elevated temperatures. It is stronger at 400°F than other engineering resins at room temperature. Torlon is also tougher and more impact resistant at cryogenic temperatures than other high strength polymers.

Its exceptional properties are the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process*. Glass-reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced grades offer even greater stiffness plus enhanced thermal expansion properties.The wear grades offer unmatched performance over a wide range of temperature and PV conditions.

Torlon polyamide-imide is virtually unaffected by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons and most acids at moderate temperatures. It may be attacked by saturated steam, strong bases and some high-temperature acids.

*Drake Plastics cures all Torlon products prior to shipment.

 Torlon® 4200 Non-reinforced PAI

Gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware, wafer contact fixtures.

Torlon® 4203 Non-reinforced PAI

Electrical insulators, thermal isolators, valve seats seals, cams, gears, poppets and ball bearings.

Torlon® 5060 60% Glass Fiber reinforced PAI

Electrical insulators, burn-in/test sockets, valve seats, fasteners and activation balls.

Torlon® 5030 30% Glass Fiber reinforced PAI

High-temperature thermal/electrical insulators, burn-in/test sockets, valve seats, fasteners and activation balls.

Torlon® 7130 30% Carbon Fiber reinforced PAI

Mechanical linkages, rollers, labyrinth seals, impellors, valve plates, vanes, back-up seal rings.

Wear Resistant Grades

Torlon® 4301 General purpose bearing grade

12% Graphite, 3% PTFE
High load Bearings, thrust washers, wear pads, seals, bushings, valve seats.

Torlon® 4275 High speed bearing & wear applications

Higher Speed Bearings & Bushings, Bearing Cages, Piston Rings.

Torlon® 4435 High modulus sliding wear

Sliding Vanes, thrust washers and bobbins, piston seal rings.

Torlon® 4630 Highest performance wear

Bearing applications requiring the lowest possible wear rate.

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