Strongest and Toughest PAI from cryogenic to 500°F

Drake PAI 5060 is a highly loaded composite with 60 percent fiber reinforcement. Prior to the introduction of Drake PAI 5060, the maximum reinforcement available in Torlon PAI was 30 percent.

Drake PAI 5060’s balance of extremely high modulus (stiffness), minimal CLTE (dimensional change with temperature) and machinability make it an excellent upgrade to difficult to fabricate high-performance polymers or ceramics. Tensile tests confirm the modulus is more than 50 percent higher than glass reinforced PEEK, while the thermal expansion is reduced to the range of steel. Its modulus is more than 50 percent greater than Torlon 5030.

Drake PAI 5060 is ideal for:

  • High temperature thermal/electrical insulators
  • Test sockets for IC’s
  • Fasteners
  • Activation balls and valve seats

Specifications –

ASTMD7292 PAI0160

Shape Availability –

Rod: .5” to 4” diameter

Plate: .25”x4” to 1”x12”

Plate Sizes –
.08”x4” to 1.25”x12” 

Rod Diameters –
.125” to 10” diameter 

Seamless Tube ® Sizes –
1” OD x.5” ID to
7.625” OD x 3.25” ID

Torlon Ball Sizes –
.125”-.625” and
3.1 – 15.9 mm

Many Custom Sizes Available