—Torlon 4200 PAI is now Drake 4200 PAI

PAI without TiO2 for maximum inertness, toughness and fatigue resistance

Drake 4200 PAI is a new grade of PAI which is available in Rod, Plate and Seamless Tube for machining, as well as offering injection molded parts. Drake 4200 PAI is Torlon 4000 T resin which has been compounded into pellets, making it suitable for extrusion or injection molding. Drake 4200 PAI is a temperature extreme capable, high purity and high-performance thermoplastic for parts requiring the performance of unreinforced PAI such as Torlon 4203, but without the TiO2, which is considered a potential contaminant in some applications.

The physical properties of Drake 4200 PAI  are like those of Torlon 4203. The Torlon 4203 formulation includes a few percent TiO2 as a pigment to make a distinctive yellow/gold color. Concerns about the release of TiO2 has long worried leading semiconductor chip manufacturers. The utilization of Drake 4200 PAI alleviates the concern that titanium dioxide particles released during plasma etching may contaminate the nano-scale topography of today’s micro circuitry.

Drake 4200 PAI is ideal for:

  • Gears and rollers
  • Hardware and fixtures used within plasma etch chambers
  • Wafer contact fixtures

Specifications –

ASTMD7292 PAI0110

Shape Availability –

Rod: .5” to 6” diameter

Plate: .25”x4” to 1.25”x12”

Plate Sizes –
.08”x4” to 1.25”x12” 

Rod Diameters –
.125” to 10” diameter 

Seamless Tube ® Sizes –
1” OD x.5” ID to
7.625” OD x 3.25” ID

Torlon Ball Sizes –
.125”-.625” and
3.1 – 15.9 mm

Many Custom Sizes Available