The bearing and wear formulation of Drake’s Industrial Grade PEEK features a higher PV, lower coefficient of friction and lower wear rate compared to other PEEK grades. Its bearing and wear properties come from the addition of 10% of each: graphite, carbon fiber and PTFE. Its strength, temperature and chemical resistance made it a candidate for dynamic applications requiring long service life in severe service environments.  In many applications it can be used without external lubrication. Certifications supplied: resin composition and density range only.

Industrial Grade Bearing and Wear PEEK Applications:

  • Bushings and bearings for non-lubricated service
  • Wear pads in high temperature conditions
  • Valve seats, seal surfaces

Specifications –

Plate Sizes –
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.25”THx4”W to 1.0”THx12”W

Rod Diameters –
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.25” to 10”

Many Custom Sizes Available

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