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Drake Plastics Ltd. Co. has over two decades of experience in extruding, injection molding, and post-processing of Ultra-Performance Polymers.

We produce extruded Stock Shapes which are used for Machined Parts, Injection Molded parts, and Precision Machined Parts and Prototypes.

The materials we specialize in include Torlon PAI, PEEK from Victrex and Solvay KetaSpire resins, HT PEK, AvaSpire PAEK, PEKK, Ryton R-4 PPS and Specialty Ultem PEI shapes and grades and other Ultra Performance resins.

We support all segments of the value chain including OEM’s, Governments, Universities, Distributors and Fabricators. We ship products around the world from our Cypress, Texas Headquarters. Our Cypress, Texas factory is the largest facility in the world dedicated to processing these polymers. We also have a manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas and Sales Offices in Belgium, Germany, and Taiwan.

Product and Process Development of Ultra Performance Polymers is part of our long tradition and is engrained in our DNA. Our initial customers’ applications required both product and process development, and we have not stopped. Groundbreaking advancements have enabled countless new applications that continue today. In short, Drake Plastics focuses on providing customers with unique solutions that are not available elsewhere.


Since March 1996 DRAKE has produced what no one else could or would.

Rewind to 1996. Steve Quance was the Advanced Materials Manager for DSM Engineering Plastics (its successors being Quadrant EPP, now MCAM) when the call came from the V.P. of Manufacturing to cease sales of specialty Torlon® PAI. At the time Quance had a front row seat to applications and customers using ultra high-performance plastics—the very applications and customers he was now expected to “fire”. Troubled by the decision and buoyed by the fact there were a few small yet important applications needing to be served, the wheels of proprietorship began to churn.

One of those was Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC). They had specified glass-reinforced PAI—”Torlon® 5030”, now known as DRAKE 5030 PAI—for a flight-critical part on the Javelin Missile. While ARC had successfully obtained Torlon 5030 stock for testing and development, DSM was not able to produce or deliver that stock reliably. After considerable effort DSM made the decision to cease production of Torlon 5030.

ARC was in a bind. Live fire tests were completed and contracts for production were in hand, however no other plastics producer was willing to extrude “this impossible stuff.”

With no good options, ARC took a chance and supported a start-up. Drake Plastics was born—a new company with a personally invested proprietor and a clear vision. Borrowing a family name of similar humble beginnings, Quance aspired to know no limits.

Family legend claims Sir Francis Drake as an ancestor; Drake’s favorite flagship, the Golden Hind, serves as our logo. Borrowed from Sir Francis Drake are words from the Drake crest, Auxilio Divino, “with divine help.” Drake was aptly credited with the phrase Sic Parvis Magna, “greatness from small beginnings.” Also true for Drake Plastics.

With no background in plastics manufacturing, Quance took on this very difficult-to-process polymer. It was a daunting task the world’s biggest and best processor had given up on. A task that would have been impossible without the serendipitous ignorance of how polymers are “supposed to be processed”—and of course, Auxilio Divino.

Since our inception in March of 1996, DRAKE has focused on producing to perfection what no one else can or will. Over 25 years later, DRAKE still makes the Javelin parts that started the company.

Every product in our broad capability has a similar story. Each item has been developed one by one, starting with a customer who needed a product or capability that did not previously exist. Through each product or process development, DRAKE continually improves the state of its art, and with it our service to customers around the world.


To provide advanced polymer solutions that enhance the performance of our customer’s products and processes.

Our strengths are technical expertise, exceptional customer service and broad processing capabilities including product and process development, extrusion, injection molding and precision machining.

Additionally, we:

  • Honor our commitments. Settle all just debts within terms.
  • Safely produce quality products and deliver them on time.
  • Achieve sufficient profit to finance company growth and provide resources needed to achieve other objectives.
  • Let growth be limited only by our profits and ability to identify, develop and produce products that satisfy customer needs.
  • Be good stewards of our environment and an asset to our community.
  • Bestow all people with love, respect and honesty so that the presence of God in our hearts may be evident to all, and through our growth this presence expanded.

Auxilio Divino!

Drake Plastics’ logo is a depiction of Sir Francis Drake’s favorite ship, The Golden Hind. The DRAKE crest has the hand of God guiding the ship with the inscription, Auxilio Divino, on the arm. Translation: With Divine Help. Quance Family legend holds that Sir Francis Drake was a distant ancestor, with both families hailing from the Devon, England area.
Auxilio Divino is also the charitable arm of Drake Plastics and operates as a 501(c)3 for the purpose of scholarships and providing aid in times of hardships.


Encompasses plastics professionals with a level of dedication and expertise that is unmatched in the manufacturing of high-performance polymers industry.

Wayne Free, Global Sales Manager

Wayne Free, Vice President of Global Sales

Wayne has over 30 years’ experience in ultra-performance polymers, accompanied by a rich background in precision plastic parts and material selection.

Shawn Miller, Sales Engineer

Shawn Miller, Sales Engineer

Shawn is available to answer technical & application questions, offer sales support, and quote precision ultra-performance polymer parts.

Tom Heylen

Tom Heylen, European Director

Tom is located in Belgium and is available to assist you with sales and technical support.

Anye Chifen, Technical Director

Based out of Germany, Dr. Chifen is available to assist you with sales and technical support.

Michael Ker, Sales Manager-Asia

Located in Taiwan, Michael is available to assist you with sales and technical support.

Lenny Wojtaszczyk, Injection Molding Manager

Len is a certified Master Molder with a BS in Computer Science degree as well as an MBA in Project Management. Len has over two decades of tool design and Injection Molding of Ultra Polymers. This foundation and experience equip Len to provide Drake customers with creative, economical, and robust solutions.

Doug Warren, Production Manager, Fabrication

Doug has a background in management, sales, manufacturing and ERP systems. He works with Drake’s CNC specialists, technical sales and quality professionals to help provide Drake’s fabrication/machining capabilities and solutions for customer’s parts and production needs delivered on time.

Tyler Quance, Engineering Manager

Tyler Quance, Engineering Manager

Tyler graduated from University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He is now a licensed PE in Texas. Tyler manages a team of six engineers and technical professionals that are focused on materials and machine design. He and his team support plastic melt process manufacturing and develop new process technologies to ensure Drake Plastics and the products offered stay on the pointy end of innovation, efficiency, and quality world wide.

Donny Burleigh, Business Administrator

Donny Burleigh, Business Administrator

Donny has a wide-range of experience creating solutions in the manufacturing and service business.

Annie Clark, Vice President of Administration

Annie Clark, Vice President of Administration

Annie began her career with Drake in 2007 working as a customer service specialist and now manages the Customer Service Department, Fabrication orders, working closely with the international team on international orders. For over 13 years, Annie enjoys the customer contact and the customer service group and assists both in any way she can.

Stacy Cahak, Key Accounts & Customer Quality Manager

Stacy has been at Drake for 12 years and focuses on customer service with a specialization in: quality control, material testing, certifications, specifications, and unique requirements for aerospace and medical applications. Stacy enjoys working directly with customers and the rest of the Drake team to ensure delivery of both products and documentation that meet the rigorous demands of the high-performance plastic products supplied by both Drake Plastics and Drake Medical Plastics.

Katherine Veazey, Customer Service Specialist

Katherine Veazey, Customer Service Specialist

Katherine joined DRAKE in 2019 as part of the Customer Service Team. She has over 20 years of customer service and focuses on the international customer orders.

Cameron Yonts, Customer Service Specialist

Cameron Yonts, Customer Service Specialist

Cameron began his career with DRAKE in 2019 as Customer Service Specialist. Cameron has over 15 years of experience in customer service and focuses on the North American customer base for DRAKE.

Benita Engle, Quality Director

Benita Engle, Quality Director

Benita is focused on the practical utilization of quality systems. Starting with a BS in Ceramic Engineering, her 20+ years in various manufacturing industries has made her an expert in Quality Management Systems. She is focused on continual improvement of the systems at Drake Plastics to ensure the continued delivery of quality products to our customers.

Susan Racca, Communications Marketing Manager

Susan Racca, Communications Marketing Manager

From press releases to internal communications, Susan enjoys keeping everyone informed and sharing the Drake Difference. Susan has worked for DRAKE in multiple capacities for six years.

Linda Joyce, Senior Accountant

Linda Joyce, Senior Accountant

Manages all accounting functions inclusive of accounts payable, accounts receivable, semi-monthly payroll preparation and financial reporting.

Steve Quance, President

Steve Quance, President

With over two decades of customer centric proprietorship focused on creative ultra-polymer manufacturing, new application development and fostering product extensions that solve problems.

The DRAKE Difference