Improved toughness, strength and heat resistance over PEEK

AvaSpire AV621 CF30 is a 30% carbon fiber reinforced polyaryletherketone (PAEK) blend delivering added impact strength over carbon fiber reinforced PEEK at all temperatures and higher stiffness above 150°C. Its inherently higher toughness provides an advantage especially for larger cross section shapes by removing the brittleness of similar PEEK based materials. AV621 CF30 improves the dimensional stability of complex machined parts over competing non reinforced PEEK based materials especially through autoclaving cycles. It is well suited for many applications in the life sciences and in industry where the strength and stiffness of a reinforced high temperature polymer is required including:

  • Surgical instrument components
  • Aerospace fasteners
  • Seal back-up rings
  • Bearings, bushings and gears

Specifications –




ISO 10993

Plate Sizes –
0.187”x4” to 1.25”x12”

Rod Diameters –
0.125” to 7.625”

Many Custom Sizes Available