DRAKE 4200 PAI: Previously Available as Torlon 4200 PAI.

Performance comparable to Torlon 4203L with no TiO2  pigmentation.

Drake 4200 PAI’s physical properties compare directly to those of Torlon 4203 PAI. The difference between the two materials is that the Torlon 4203 PAI formulation contains TiOwhich imparts a distinct yellow-gold color.

Drake 4200 PAI is produced from Torlon 4000T powder which we convert into the pelletized form required for extrusion into shapes. It contains no TiOpigment. This resolves concerns about potential contamination from titanium in critical production processes where high purity is essential. An example is the plasma etching step in semiconductor manufacturing where ionic metallic impurities can affect the integrity of the nano-scale microcircuits.

Its low erosion rate, broad thermal capability, strength under load and  inherent toughness of Drake 4200 PAI exceed that of PEEK and polyimides over a broad temperature span, from cryogenic levels to 250°C/ 482°F. The overall property profile of Drake 4200 PAI also make it a frequent choice for load-bearing components and applications where thermal or electrical insulation and isolation are required.

Available in a range of rod, plate and Seamless Tube® sizes, Drake 4200 PAI is also supplied as precision machined and injection molded parts.

Why Drake 4200 PAI Was Developed

Though infrequent, specific grades or forms of resins may be discontinued by suppliers. When this occurred with the PAI resin grade in pelletized form necessary for extruding Torlon 4200 shapes, Drake Plastics developed the technology to convert a powder form of the resin into the required pellet version. We now offer Drake 4200 PAI shapes as a direct replacement for those previously sold as Torlon 4200 PAI with no compromise in performance or quality.

Drake 4200 PAI typical applications

  • Semiconductor wafer probes, chamber hardware and  fixtures
  • Plasma etch chamber wafer handling tools
  • Reticle pins, electrical components
  • Gears and rollers

Drake 4200 PAI Certifications and Traceability

As with all our products, we provide no-charge certifications and lot traceability on each shipment of Drake 4200 PAI shapes and machined and injection molded parts. We are investigating certifying Drake 4200 PAI to the requirements of AMS3670/1 and ASTM D5204.

Shape Availability –

Many Custom Sizes Available

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