Drake Plastics offers metric sized thin sheet and PAI film from its inventory in Cypress, Texas.  This offering improves the cost effectiveness of manufacturing parts with an overall thickness below 3.1mm or .125″.

These materials compete with both PEEK and polyimide film offered with better strength and stiffness especially at temperatures above 300°F (150°C).  PAI has excellent chemical resistance and flammability properties making it ideal for electronic and aerospace applications.  The wear resistance and high surface hardness make it ideal as a protective, non-scratch surface in high temperature environments. Thinner gages can be die cut and bonded to other substrates using pressure sensitive adhesives.

Successful applications include gaskets, stamped thrust washers and insulators within the automotive/recreational vehicle industries, solder mask tapes and insulators within the electronics industry, insulative films and protective surfaces for service critical sensors within the aerospace industry.

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