Drake’s Industrial Grade unfilled PEEK has physical properties comparable to our premium quality unfilled PEEK rod and plate products. However, it does not have the full certifications that our premium grades carry and is positioned at a lower price point to compete with other commercial PEEK stock shapes products. It is easily machinable. The material also exhibits the resistance to steam of PEEK, as well as PEEK’s inherent wear resistance and electrical insulation and thermal isolation properties. It can be used in applications with long term steam and hot water exposure.  Certifications supplied: resin composition and density range only.

Industrial Grade Unfilled PEEK Applications:

  • Valve seats, seals, back-up rings
  • Bearings, bushings, rollers, wheels
  • Electrical insulators
  • Coil Bobbins

Specifications –

Plate Sizes –
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.25”THx4”W to 1.0”THx12”W

Rod Diameters –
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.25” to 10”

Many Custom Sizes Available

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