DEMGY Group Announces The Creation of a Transatlantic Alliance with DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co in the Field of High-Performance Polymer Solutions and Their Transformation

St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon, 21 March 2024 – DEMGY Group, an international technology group in innovative plastics processing, designs and manufactures high-performance plastic and composite solutions that are lighter than metal, to promote decarbonization. This year, DEMGY is taking part in Global Industrie for the first time. This is an

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Drake Plastics Ltd Groundbreaking Ceremony

CYPRESS, TX – Drake Plastics Ltd is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of its new 140,000 Sq Ft campus, scheduled for Friday, November 3, 2024, at 3:30pm, in Cypress. Expected attendees for the ceremony will be Congressman Westly Hunt. 38th District of Texas; Commissioner Tom Ramsey, PrecinctRead more

What Are the Key Tribological Properties of Bearing and Wear Plastics, and How Are They Tested?

Tribological properties indicate how plastics perform when in contact with mating materials under dynamic conditions. They refer to the frictional and abrasive wear characteristics of a material. However, the properties are not always provided on resin suppliers’ data sheets, and must be obtained by testing under conditionsRead more

Drake Plastics LTD Co. Victrex CT™ 200

HOUSTON, TX – Drake Plastics LTD Co. is pleased to announce they currently have available inventory of Victrex CT™ 200 with short lead-times. “As companies grapple with global supply chain issues that are hindering both productivity and output, we are excited to offer Victrex CT™ 200 asRead more