Torlon Stronger and Tougher than PEEK and polyimide from cryogenic to 500°F

Torlon 4645 is the highest performance Torlon wear grade similar to 4630 but is best for externally lubricated bearing applications. Torlon 4645 offers the lowest wear rate in lubricated, high PV bearing applications. It contains a proprietary combination of carbon fiber and PTFE. Its wear rate is the lowest at all velocities where external lubrication is required for heat dissipation. Torlon 4645 has survived PVs of 600,000 psi-FPM and

Torlon 4645 is ideal for:

  • High PV bushings
  • Thrust Washers
  • Piston rings

Specifications –

ASTM 5204 PAI0220R45

ASTMD7292 PAI0120

Plate Sizes –
0.125”x4” to 1”x12”

Rod Diameters –
0.125” to 6”

Seamless Tube ® Sizes –
1” OD x 0.5” ID to
4” OD x 3” ID 

Torlon Ball Sizes –
.125”-.625” and
3.1 – 15.9 mm

Many Custom Sizes Available