We are experts in advanced, high performance polymer stock shapes and precision parts from Torlon PAI, Victrex and KetaSpire PEEK, PEK “HT”, AvaSpire PAEK, Ryton R-4 PPS, and Ultem PEI and others. – Oil and Gas

PEEK components survive the HPHT conditions present in the most aggressive downhole environments.  Torlon offers unmatched strength at temperature for replacing metals for improved drill-out.

  • Glass and carbon reinforced PEEK back-up seals prevent softer elastomers from extruding under pressure
  • PEEK and PEK connector bodies isolate conductive pins in highly engineered electrical connectors
  • High strength Torlon 5030 cement flappers deliver the strength of aluminum with greater ease of drill-out
  • Drillable Torlon valve seats for downhole use.
  • Drake’s Cannonball® Frac balls made from Torlon enable more zones and faster pump-down than general purpose composites
  • Glass and carbon reinforced poppetslift buttons and valve plates for compressor valves.