Torlon 4203 Stronger and Tougher than PEEK and polyimide from cryogenic to 500°F

Torlon 4203 and Torlon 4203L are non-reinforced polyamide-imide. The “L” designates resin designed for injection molded shapes and parts.  Extruded shapes are made from the highest viscosity Torlon 4203 resin resulting in improved toughness, impact strength and fatigue resistance over injection molded parts.  Torlon 4203 is the toughest and most impact resistant of the Torlon grades making it the choice for highly loaded wheels, rollers and balls. It has excellent dielectric properties and is also the best thermal insulator making it suitable for:

Torlon 4203 is ideal for: 

  • Valve seats/seals requiring high strength and dimensional stability
  • Rollers, wheels and balls
  • Aerospace electrical components requiring high strength, heat resistance and low flammability
  • Thermal insulators and insulators

Specifications –

ASTM 5204 PAI021M03 which replaces Mil-P 46179A Type I.

ASTMD7292 PAI0110

AMS 3670/1B


HS MS29.04-01, Form 2, Grade 1 and/or 2.

HS11791 Type I

BMS8-269C, Class 1

Honeywell MCS7004, Type 1

EB 4147 A

Plate Sizes –
.08”x4” to 1.25”x12” 

Rod Diameters –
.125” to 10” diameter 

Seamless Tube ® Sizes –
1” OD x.5” ID to
7.625” OD x 3.25” ID

Torlon Ball Sizes –
.125”-.625” and
3.1 – 15.9 mm

Many Custom Sizes Available

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