The highest strength of Drake’s Industrial Grades, this 30% carbon fiber reinforced formulation is an option for structural parts that require high rigidity and elevated temperature and the chemical resistance of PEEK. Typical applications are in downhole and chemical processing equipment. It has the inherent chemical resistance of all PEEK polymer grades, as well as the polymer’s resistance to steam and repeated autoclaving. Due to the carbon fiber content, carbide or PCD tooling should be used when machining this grade. Certifications supplied: resin composition and density range only.

Industrial Grade CF30 PEEK Applications:

  • Back up rings for high temperature or steam service
  • Pump wear rings, gears and sliding vanes
  • Valve seats/seals

Specifications –

Plate Sizes –
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.25”THx4”W to 1.0”THx12”W

Rod Diameters –
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.25” to 10”

Many Custom Sizes Available

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