May 5, 2021, Cypress, TX – Drake Plastics Ltd. Co. has been awarded certification as a manufacturer of extruded shapes and precision parts under AS9100D(2016) Certification, an international quality management system that includes the ISO 9001:2015 standard and additional requirements for the aerospace industry.

The achievement puts Drake Plastics in esteemed company. Of the million plus organizations worldwide that are ISO 9001 certified, less than 2% hold AS9100D certifications. “Our compliance enables us to meet the rigorous demands of aviation, space and defense clients worldwide,” states Drake Plastics President, Steven Quance. “It also elevates our quality systems and procedures to the benefit of all customers, regardless of industry.”

Orion Registrar, Inc. USA, a firm accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) performed the certification audit in accordance with AS9104/1:2012. Their assessment found Drake Plastics was compliant with the standard as a manufacturer and precision fabricator of extruded and injection molded specialty, high-performance polymer stock shapes and precision parts for the aerospace and defense industries. The rigorous procedures of the AS9100D standard will apply to all products the company manufactures including those for its customers in semiconductor, energy, transportation, medical, life science and many other industries.

Drake Plastics has a 25-year history in aerospace with technology developments in extruding, injection molding, and post-processing of ultra high-performance polymers. This class of materials exhibits exceptional resistance to temperatures from cryogenic levels to over 500⁰F/ 260⁰C, high mechanical loads, frictional wear, and aggressive chemicals. These attributes combined with their high strength-to-weight ratio has led to their worldwide acceptance for aircraft and defense components.

About Drake Plastics

Drake Plastics initiated operations in 1996 with the extrusion of machinable stock shapes made from glass-reinforced Torlon® 5030 PAI to support the Javelin Missile Program. The Cypress, Texas, company has since expanded its portfolio with machinable shapes, injection molded parts and precision machined components made from Torlon® PAI, PEEK, PEK, PAEK, Ryton® PPS, Ultem® PEI and other ultra-high-performance polymers. Its developments include a unique range of sizes and configurations that have opened many new applications to these materials for customers worldwide. Drake is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified manufacturer and focuses on lean operating principles throughout its organization.


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