• Price is per linear foot with Standard Rod & Plate Length of 4 feet
  • Standard Minimum Order Total of $250
  • All Shapes supplied oversized, sufficient to clean up to nominal size
  • Cutting charges apply to sub-lengths by the foot based upon Diameter/Thickness
  • MTO-Made to Order items subject to a minimum order quantity, please inquire
Unfilled PEEKUnfilled PEK30% CF Reinforced PEEKBearing Grade PEEK20% PTFE30% GF Reinforced PEEK
Mil-P SpecMil-P 46183 Type IN/AMil-P 46183 Type III, Class 2NAN/AMil-P 46183 Type II, Class 3
Thickness X WidthmmSolvay
HT G45
Victrex 450CA30 or Solvay KT820CF30*Victrex
.250″ X 4″6.4 x 101.6$254.52$254.52 Victrex$201.96$171.72$196
.375″ X 4″9.5 x 101.6$140.04$341.04$341.04 Victrex$288.48
.375″ X 12″9.5 x 304.8$370.08$913.68 Solvay$721.08$540.84$460
.500″ X 4″12.7 x 101.6$453.24$453.24 Solvay$364.68
.500″ X 12″12.7 x 304.8MTO$1236.00Solvay$1030.08
.750″ X 4″19.1 x 101.6$285.00MTO$664.44SolvayMTOMTO$664.44
.750″ X 12″19.1 x 304.8$1905.60Solvay$1534.80$1250.04$930
1.00″ X 12″25.4 x 304.8$2060.04Solvay$1905.60$1150
1.00″ X 24″25.4 x 610$3762.12
1.25″ X 12″31.75 x 304.8$1,476
1.50″ X 12″38.1 x 304.8$1725

*Solvay KT820CF30 is better suited for heavy cross sections due to its higher molecular weight.
‡This bearing grade contains 10% Graphite-10% CF-10% PTFE. No resin certificate provided.

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