St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon, 21 March 2024 – DEMGY Group, an international technology group in innovative plastics processing, designs and manufactures high-performance plastic and composite solutions that are lighter than metal, to promote decarbonization. This year, DEMGY is taking part in Global Industrie for the first time. This is an opportunity to formalize the strategic alliance formed with DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co to offer their customers in France a wider range of innovative solutions in ultra-high-performance and extreme-performance plastic products.

Named Liberty Alliance, the partnership between DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co and DEMGY Group offers customers access to a wide range of reliable, cost-effective technical solutions for highly demanding applications.

The Liberty Alliance partnership takes its name from the close historical ties between the two countries.

DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co and DEMGY Group have established themselves as leaders in high-performance polymer solutions in their respective geographic markets. Both have years of expertise in applications in high-tech industries, including aerospace, mobility, and semiconductor manufacturing.

A key element of the alliance is the appointment of DEMGY Group as the preferred distributor in France for high-performance machinable semi-finished shapes from DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co.

By combining their application development, production, and market coverage capabilities, DEMGY Group and DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co offer the French market:

  • Unique capabilities for extruding ultra-high-performance polymers into semi-finished shapes.
  • Expertise in the transformation of very high and ultra-high-performance polymers thanks to DEMGY Group’s historic know-how in high precision machining, injection, thermoforming, and metallization.
  • Machining ultra-high performance plastic parts requires very high levels of precision. Through its expert machining sites, DEMGY Group has expertise in micro-machining and is capable, for example, of producing holes with a diameter of 0.07 mm.
  • With more than 27 numerically controlled turning centers with 2 to 6 axes and 21 numerically controlled milling centers with 3 to 6 axes, the DEMGY Group is now a key player in the field of high-precision machining.

The product portfolio includes extruded bars, sheets, Seamless Tube® and near-net-shapes from special formulations of PEEK and polyketone, as well as Torlon® polyamide-imide and other high-performance polymers. DEMGY Group will also offer its customers turnkey solutions for these materials through its expertise in managing complex projects.

“Liberty Alliance extends the benefits of our mutual products and services to French customers, as well as to international customers with
engineering sites in both geographical areas,” said Steven Quance, President, and Founder of DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co.

“This new alliance provides our customers with a wider range of very high-performance applications and access to high-performance semi-finished shapes in a very wide range of sizes and shapes, and at a level of quality that is unequalled anywhere in the world,” adds Pierre-Jean Leduc, Chairman of DEMGY Group.

At Global Industrie, DEMGY Group will also be presenting its latest innovations and news.

  • Presentation of the DuPontTM polyimide range Vespel®.
    DEMGY has been the approved distributor of Vespel® in France for all parts and semi-finished products for over 20 years and is an expert in high-precision machining.
  • The Atelier DEMGY 3D, additive manufacturing workshop continues to expand.
    The Atelier DEMGY 3D includes two technologies: powder bed in bio sourced PA11, carbon fiber reinforced PEKK, Natural PEKK and deposition of continuous carbon fiber yarn in PEKK matrices. To continue its development, in 2024, the Atelier DEMGY 3D is using the new 9TLABS additive manufacturing station. It offers an intermediate solution between additive manufacturing and the placement of reinforcing fibers in thermoplastic composites. With a printing volume of 330 mm x 260 mm x 190 mm, it can print parts in high-performance composites such as PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PA12, PA bio and up to 60% continuous fibers (carbon, glass, basalt).
  • The circular Multiplasturgy® – cM – range is expanding.
    DEMGY Group draws on its 14 areas of expertise to offer its circular Multiplasturgy® range, which incorporates an eco-design approach right from the design stage, enabling upstream management of the end-of-life of products and their recyclability. DEMGY Group’s three R&D centers create innovative, made-to-measure, and customizable production processes to meet all the demands of complex projects.

About DEMGY:
Founded in 1947, DEMGY Group, an international technology group in innovative plastics processing, designs and manufactures high-performance plastic and composite solutions that are lighter than metal, to promote energy savings in sectors with a high carbon footprint. DEMGY Group is actively involved in the process of decarbonizing industry.
Its circular Multiplasturgy® offering, a one-stop shop for its 14 areas of expertise, starts with eco-design, which enables upstream management of the end-of-life of products and their recyclability.
The Normand Group has 5 sites in France, including its head office at Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27), 2 in Germany, 2 in Romania and 1 in the United States, as well as 3 R&D centers.
In 2023, DEMGY Group generated a turnover of €100 million, 7% of which was invested in R&D and capital expenditure. DEMGY Group currently employs more than 800 people.

DEMGY Group is a founding member and ambassador of the French Fab.
DEMGY Group is a member of the Coq Vert community, a community of managers who are convinced of the need to act and who are already committed to the ecological and energy transition.
DEMGY Normandie and DEMGY SPN are winners of the Aeronautics call for projects under the French Recovery Plan.

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About DRAKE Plastics Ltd. Co:
Drake Plastics began operations in 1996 with the extrusion of machinable semi-finished products in glass reinforced Torlon® 5030 PAI to support the Javelin missile program. The Cypress, Texas-based company has since expanded its portfolio with machinable semi-finished products, injection molded parts and precision machined components in Torlon® PAI, PEEK, PAEK, Ryton® PPS and other ultra-high-performance polymers. Its developments include a unique range of sizes and configurations that have opened up many new applications for these materials for customers around the world. Drake is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified manufacturer and focuses on lean principles throughout its organization. Visit to find out more.

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Cameron Yonts
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