Cypress, Texas — Drake Plastics, a Solvay Certified Torlon® PAI Injection Molder, has developed technology for molding consistently porosity-free parts in the high-performance polymer at up to three times the wall-thickness of the historical maximum. The company routinely produces defect-free parts up to 50 mm (2”) thick, far exceeding even Solvay’s design and molding guidelines for maximum wall thickness of 15.9mm (5/8”) for the polymer.

According to Steven Quance, DRAKE’s President, “The technical leap that makes Torlon PAI available in a far wider range of injection molded configurations was made possible by our team’s development of a unique process control system. It includes sensors installed within the mold cavity that control forming conditions for processing Torlon PAI. Customers know they can count on DRAKE to deliver high quality Torlon parts in every production run, and now that includes very thick Torlon parts as well.”

Originally established to extrude Torlon PAI rod nearly 30 years ago, today DRAKE is a leading worldwide supplier of semi-finished machinable shapes in a range of advanced polymers. In addition to Torlon, its extruded shapes comprise several grades of PEEK, PPS, PEK, PAEK, Ultem PEI, Ryton PPS and CryoDyn cryogenic polymer. The company expanded initially into machining, then into injection molding to serve customers whose growing production requirements warranted a shift from machined parts.

Through its Certified Torlon PAI Injection Molder program, Solvay works to ensure only those processors that make the specialized investments necessary for producing quality Torlon parts have procurement access to this unique polymer. 

Drake Plastics initiated operations in 1996 with the extrusion of machinable stock shapes made from glass reinforced Torlon® 5030 PAI to support the Javelin Missile Program. The Cypress, Texas, company has since expanded its portfolio with machinable shapes, injection molded parts and precision machined components made from Torlon® PAI, PEEK, PAEK, Ryton® PPS, and other ultra-high-performance polymers. Its developments include a unique range of sizes and configurations that have opened many new applications to these materials for customers worldwide. Drake is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified manufacturer and focuses on lean operating principles throughout its organization. Visit to learn more.  


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