The stock shapes segment of the plastics industry is a lesser known segment of the plastics industry which is dominated by large companies molding typically low-cost polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PVC and others. Higher performance polymers solve many design challenges that do not have the volume to justify expensive tooling needed to economically produce very large quantities of parts. Soon after these engineering-oriented polymers were introduced the stock shapes followed by making extruded rods, plates and tubes available for parts that were more economical as machined components.

Not only are parts machined from an extruded shape more economical in smaller series and faster in delivery, the performance of parts in service is likely to be better. The process of selecting materials and processes for high performance parts should always consider machining from extruded shapes.

From our early beginnings in 1996, when Drake first extruded glass reinforced Torlon rod, Drake developed a reputation for being a global leader in extruding the most difficult to process polymers into shapes for companies machining high performance polymer parts.

Reinforcing this reputation, we:

  • Preserve properties made possible by the resin supplier thus maximizing product performance
  • Provide Batch (resin, lot) and Run traceability on every shape
  • Run every product in single piece tooling minimizing piece to piece and lot to lot variation
  • Identify each shapes extrusion direction to help machining consistency
  • Every shape is annealed or in the case of Torlon®, cured using a cycle developed for that shape

We extrude and stock:

  • 10 grades of Torlon, the highest performance melt processable thermoplastic
  • 8 grades of PEEK, one of the most durable materials with superior chemical and heat resistance
  • 3 grades of AvaSpire, offering optimal performance in a tight temperature range
  • Ryton R4, 40% glass reinforced PPS the original high temperature, high strength thermoplastic

Today our size capabilities include:

  • Rod: .050” to 10” diameter
  • Plate: .125” to 1.75” thick plate in both 4” and 12” widths
  • Seamless Tube: 1” OD x .5” ID to 7.625” OD x 3.5” ID
  • Thin Sheet/Film: .3mm to 2mm thick film in 150mm or 300mm widths

If you are looking for a size or product outside that range, or one you don’t see, just ask.

Each and every size and grade is the result of a customer need.

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