We are experts in advanced, high performance polymer stock shapes and precision parts from Torlon PAI, Victrex and KetaSpire PEEK, PEK “HT”, AvaSpire PAEK, Ryton R4 PPS, and Ultem PEI and others. – Semiconductor and Electronics

Torlon’s unmatched strength at temperature, resistance to the most severe chemical environments found in chip manufacturing and its dielectric properties enables it to solve problems from CMP through back end test. PEEK’s inertness to most chemistries and abrasion resistance provides strength and heat resistance greater than fluoropolymers.

  • Torlon 5030 test sockets enable the high speed testing of IC’s under even the most severe test conditions from cryogenic temperatures to 500°F
  • PEEK wafer handling tools are used for improved inertness during chemical washing
  • Torlon 4203 chip nests enable precise hole to hole spacing and long life under cryogenic testing conditions
  • Torlon 5030 ferrules used to steady a wafer during plasma etching last longer than polyimides thereby releasing fewer ionic impurities into the chamber