Strength and Heat Resistance plus Chemical Inertness

Ryton R4’s strength, stiffness and chemical inertness in a wide range of environments makes it suitable for applications in the oil and gas, transportation and aerospace industries.  There are no known solvents for Ryton PPS under 200°C.  Additionally it offers a heat distortion temperature of 265°C, among the highest of the thermoplastics and room temperature stiffness greater than glass reinforced PEEK at a much lower cost.

Ryton R4 PPS should be considered for parts in which dimensional stability under high loads and temperatures are important design factors.  Examples are:

  • Plasma torch insulators
  • Downhole connector insulators
  • Valve seats and high temperature seal

Specifications –

ASTM D4067


ASTM D6358


Rod Diameters –
.250” to 3” diameter 

Plate Sizes –

Many Custom Sizes Available

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