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Your Single Source for Torlon PAI, PEEK and Ryton R4 and Ultem PEI
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Drake Plastics, as the industry leader for high performance polymers material selection experts, creates stock shapes, injection molded parts as well as custom prototypes.


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Why Torlon?

Torlon polyamide-imide is recognized as the highest performance thermoplastic that is still melt processible. Torlon can be extruded into shapes and injection molded into custom geometries.

With a 500°F heat distortion temperature (softening temperature) and a 500°F continuous service temperature, Torlon offers unmatched strength at elevated temperatures. It is stronger at 400°F than other engineering resins at room temperature.


PEEK is recognized as having the best balance of chemical resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance among all thermoplastics. It is melt processible allowing for processing into shapes by extrusion and parts by injection molding.

Technically PEEK is part of a family of polyarylether ketones (PAEK) but the PEEK acronym is most recognized. Related chemistries based on PEK and PEKK offer unique thermal benefits to the traditional PAEK’s.

Latest News

Thinking Lean! Reducing The Cost Of Manufacturing High Performance Polymer Parts Using Drake’s Seamless Tube®.

Starting with the right size and shape based on final part geometry is critical when working with materials like Torlon®, PEEK and polyimides that are inherently expensive. Did you know that an extra .25” on a diameter can add 25% or more to the cost of your

Making The Best Even Better. Post Curing Torlon Wear Parts Reduces Wear

High PV bearing applications are tough for even high-performance polymers like Torlon, PEEK and PPS. The reason is simple; frictional heat generated especially by the velocity component of “P x V” does not dissipate as easily as does in inherently more conductive bearing materials (i.e. metals). The

Large Diameter PEEK Challenges? Drake’s Large Diameter Reinforced PEEK Rod Is “The Solution”

Ever hear from a customer… “I just started drilling and I heard a crack” or “I was sawing and melted plastic (swarf) stopped the blade” or “my inspection department found cracks in all my parts”. I can even tell you what the “mill” likely said… “They were

Understanding Datasheet Properties to Maximize Part Performance

Producing parts from extruded stock shapes is preferred when injection molding is not practical, and many times for part performance reasons. Experienced plastics engineers have learned that the performance of a machined part can far exceeds that of an injection molded part, yet a comparison of resin

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